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Bringing Platinum Level Water Polo to
North San Diego County

Summer Season Registration!
Start 4/29-7/19

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Poway Valley Water Polo Club
[PVWP] is a competitive non-profit 501(c)(3) athletic organization open to all aspiring and current athletes in Northeast County San Diego.  PVWP is dedicated to creating a culture for athletes to find enjoyment and excellence through discipline, dedication, and developing the concept and philosophy of “Olympism“.  


Our Mission
is to teach and develop all the tools necessary to create a successful athlete by educating our athletes on how to improve themselves physically, by instilling the fundamental skills and concepts of water polo, and through focusing on creating a stout psychological, and philosophical foundation to overcome all challenges.

Our Goal
is to work with our athletes to help them achieve their own goals, and to go above and beyond the guidance necessary to help them use water polo as a means to provide them with a successful future in and out of the pool.

What is Water Polo?


Water Polo is the oldest Olympic team sport in the world!  It is a full contact swimming sport that takes aspects of various sports and combines them into one. Two teams take the similar sporting concepts and strategies of soccer, hockey, and basketball, the throwing and catching mechanics of baseball, the grace and strength of synchronized swimmers, and the combativeness of wrestling and jiu jitsu.

The object is to attempt to achieve victory by denying your opponents from scoring on your goal, while trying to score more on their goal. The team with the most goals is the victor.

Water polo, unlike most sports, is a year-round sport. Most parents are used to the 8 to 10 week sports schedule that happens two to three times a year. With water polo, the season starts in the Fall and goes to the end of July where the season ends with the national tournament: Junior Olympics (JOs).

Why Water Polo?

Water Polo offers the most unique experience a sport could offer. Water polo builds endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, and flexibility. It is an understatement to say that water polo produces a well rounded-balanced athlete. Water Polo definitely has a learning curve and takes years to produce a world-class water polo athlete, however athletes at any level may enjoy and develop in our sport.

Other sports that tend to transfer well into water polo are soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball. A good throwing arm in baseball helps as well. If your child has experience in other sports, those skills can be utilized.

About PVWP


PVWP offers competitive teams with the goal of making it to JOs, as well as recreational options depending on your child's goals.

Instead of Saturday games for several weeks. In water polo, there is usually a series of league games offered on weekends. Leagues games are offered three to four times a year and are included in the session fees. 

For our competitive players, we attend tournaments usually once a month, which is similar to travel teams in other sports. These are offered at an additional cost to those players participating. 

Since PVWP is a non-profit, we base all fees on the costs and number of players. Our Board and Team Communicators are all volunteers, of which, we are so grateful for their time and dedication to the club. Of course, our coaches are paid positions.

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